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2008-07-12 00:21:50 by awakener

If anybody ever uses any of my audio i would like them to post here so i can check out their stuff


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2008-08-14 13:38:47

holy crap you're only thirteen?

awakener responds:

yes i am


2008-08-14 17:13:38

also I will be using your audio for clockday

awakener responds:

cool thanks for telling me


2008-10-14 08:28:55

For everyone that thinks 'woah he's 13!' well he just uses pre-set loops from garageband and sets them up in a certain order, big deal?


2008-12-15 18:21:41

Hello, are you dead,
i have not talked to u for so long
how are ya doing
Why havent cha posted any new songs?

and tljnn... shut up...


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